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Plantation Propane & Petroleum, located in Thomasville, Georgia, is the largest independent propane & petroleum company in the area servicing South Georgia and North Florida customers.

Plantation Propane & Petroleum products include cookers, grills, water heaters, tankless water heaters, Conventional Water Heaters, Appliances, Fireboxes, Gas Logs, Burner Accessories, Heaters, fryers, Outdoor Fireplaces, Gas Lights, Mosquito Control and Generators

Plantation Propane & Petroleum services include Cylinder Exchange, Custom Installations Contracting, and gasoline and diesel fuel product Consignments.

Plantation Propane & Petroleum locations include Thomasville, Georgia; Bainbridge, Georgia; Cross City, Georgia; Monticello, Florida; Moultrie, Georgia; Pelham, Georgia; Tallahassee, Florida and Whigham, Georgia.

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